Literary Magazine


Literary Magazines should be mailed directly to the judge between the dates of August 21 and September 6. 

  • Entries should be shipped “priority mail”. This will provide you with a tracking number so you can be sure your entry reaches the judge. Advisers will be responsible to see that the judge receives the entry. Do not send it “book rate” because this type of mail sits in the post office back room for days.

  • No late entries (postmarked after Sept. 6) will be accepted. The two week window for submission was set by the Board. The reasoning behind this decision was to prevent entries from trickling in to judges all summer as this might result in entries being lost or misplaced.

  • Mail a copy of your literary magazine and a printed copy of the rubric to the following address:



Literary Magazine Rating Scale: 

Covers (100 points possible)  

Front Materials (100 points possible)  

Contents (500 points possible)

Design (100 points possible) 

Typography & Graphics (100 points possible)  

Overall aesthetic impression (100 points possible)



Fill out the Literary Magazine Entry Form below: