Yearbook Submission Window will be August 27th through September 27th, 2018. 


Yearbook Entry

 WHSSPA Yearbook Submission

Please fill out the Yearbook Entry Form, then mail your YEARBOOK, along with:

  • Yearbook Rubric (Form 006 - Yearbook Judging Form--download below)

  • Individual Yearbook Entries (optional, see below for instructions)

  • the Yearbook Individual Entries Form (only when submitting individual entries)

should be mailed directly to the judge between the dates of August 27th and September 27th, 2018. Failure to submit the yearbook submission form and the yearbook rubric will result in disqualification.  

  1. Entries should be shipped “priority mail”. This will provide you with a tracking number so you can be sure your entry reaches the judge. Advisers will be responsible to see that the judge receives the entry. Do not send it “book rate” because this type of mail sits in the post office back room for days.

  2. No late entries (postmarked after Sept. 27th) will be accepted. The two week window for submission was set by the Board. The reasoning behind this decision was to prevent entries from trickling in to judges all summer as this might result in entries being lost or misplaced.

  3. Be sure you mail your entry to the correct judge according to your school classification (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A).


1A and 4A Yearbooks are to be mailed to:  

2A and 3A Yearbooks are to be mailed to: 



The fee for a yearbook critique, which presumes several pages of particular comments and/or page-by-page annotation, is $30 per publication, with an additional $10 fee for each additional signature (16 pages) up to a maximum of $70. WHSSPA school dues are $40. (THIS FEE IS NOT PART OF THE WHSAA MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR JOURNALISM.) 

WHSAA MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR JOURNALISM     Please be advised that schools that have newspapers, yearbooks, broadcasts, and literary/fine arts magazines judged must indicate their intention to participate in journalism by having your Activities Director mark journalism on the WHSAA Membership Form. Schools that do not indicate their intention to participate in journalism will not be able to have their yearbooks and individual entries judged. 

Individual Yearbook Entries Instructions

Awards will be given for First, Second, and Honorable Mention in each category in each school classification. Entry fee is $3 per entry. Look below to see how many items you can submit for each category. Any school (WHSSPA and WHSAA dues must have been paid for the current school year) may submit items in each of these categories. No school can enter more that 30 items all together! Each item should have an entry sheet attached to the back, which will identify the category. All entries must be student-work only and must have published in the most recent edition of the school yearbook. Please make as many copies of the cover sheet form as needed and fill in all required fields. 

Individual entries should be identified by category by using the Individual entries form for each article. Please print and complete a form for each item submitted. 

Helpful Note: Have each of your students present his/her best work for each of the entry categories. Narrow down the submissions to the total number of entries possible for each category. Visit with your art teacher about scrap mat or mounting board. Ask them for some help or suggestions on cutting and mounting the entries.

How to Display: 

- Spread Entries can be full spread size, or may be printed on legal size paper. 

- Story entries can be full page size, or may be printed on letter size paper.

- Mount each entry on a board no larger than 16” X 20”  (allow for 1 1/2” to2” margin)
- Mounting board should be of a neutral color (white, black, gray)
- Regular or dry mounting method should be used to mount spread.

How to Identify: 

-Attach the completed individual entry form to the back of the board being sure to identify the category you are submitting the item in.

-The name of the student, school, category, and date of publication must be attached to the back of the mount. (Please make sure forms are printed clearly-legibly or type the forms


Opening Layout (1 submission only)

Closing Layout (1 submission only)

Division Page Layout (1 submission only) 

Student Life Layout (up to 3 submissions) 

Feature Layout (up to 2 submissions) 

Sports Layout (up to 3 submissions)  

Clubs Layout (up to 3 submissions) 

Academics Layout (up to 3 submissions) 

Index Layout (1 submission only)  

Cover Design (1 submission only)

End sheet Design (1 submission only)

Advertising (up to 5 submissions) 

Yearbook Copy (up to 5 submissions)  

(from any pages)